What measures can be taken to prevent the hazards of printer toner?

Protective measures against printer toner hazards:

1. Use good quality products to avoid serious powder leakage caused by inferior products.

2. When using the equipment, do not remove the outer cover without authorization, causing toner dust to scatter in the air.

3. Maintain ventilation. Windows should be opened frequently in the office for ventilation.

4. In the office, raise some green plants, because plants have many functions such as absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, adsorbing dust, sterilizing, etc. They can improve indoor air quality and be beneficial to physical and mental health.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Different types of fruits and vegetables have different health values and can avoid the negative effects caused by excessive intake of certain substances.


There are many ways to classify printer toner, the main ones are as follows:

According to the developing method: magnetic brush developing toner and waterfall developing toner;

According to the developing properties: positive toner and negative toner;

By component: single-component toner and two-component toner;

According to magnetic properties: magnetic toner and non-magnetic toner;

According to the fixing method: hot pressure fixing toner, cold fixing toner and infrared radiation fixing toner;

According to insulation performance: insulating carbon powder and conductive carbon powder;

According to the manufacturing process of toner, it is divided into: physical powder and chemical powder;

According to the printing speed of laser printers, they are divided into: low-speed powder and high-speed powder.

Post time: Nov-16-2023