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How to replacing toner in second-hand copiers?

Copier toner is a polymer and pigment made from fine powder.
Simply put, it is plastic powder.
How fine the particles depend on their use.
The toner for a high-quality photo printer will be very fine and the toner will be quite coarse compared to a low-end copier.
The quality of the copies of the copier toner manufacturer is mainly determined by the performance of the copier, the sensitivity of the photosensitive drum, the physical properties of the carrier and the quality of the toner for the copier. Not all toners are the same, and not all toners have the same printing effect. The shape of the toner determines the printing effect.

When the copier panel shows the red light and the powder signal, the user should add the copier toner to the copier in time. If the powder is not added in time, it may cause the copier to malfunction or produce the noise of adding powder.

When adding toner, loosen the toner and follow the instructions for adding toner.
When adding copy paper, first check whether the paper is dry and clean, and then straighten the stack of copy paper in order before and after it, and then put it in a paper tray with the same paper size. Misplaced paper trays will cause paper jams.

It is necessary to clean the remaining powder in the powder feeding bin and the powder receiving bin; after applying the toner, shake the toner in the powder feeding bin in parallel, and turn the gear clockwise by hand for several times to make the toner evenly adhere to the magnetic roller To ensure that the toner is even.

Remove the toner of the color to be replaced, and then install the new toner. The two main criteria for copier toner are blackness and resolution.

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Post time: Nov-25-2021