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Do not mix the old toner and new toner.

Toner is the main consumable used in electrophotographic development processes such as xerographic copiers and laser printers.

It is composed of resins, pigments, additives and other ingredients.

With the decrease in cost, color copiers are gradually being accepted by customers.

Printer toner manufacturers have a certain degree of versatility, which provides conditions for mass production,

improving toner quality, and reducing toner manufacturing costs.

To meet different demands, the production of toner is developing in the direction of refinement, colorization and high speed.

To prevent impurities from contaminating the toner, the electrostatic development process has high requirements on the toner,

and impurities mixed in the toner will directly damage the quality of the photocopy.

asc toner

The collision and friction between the toner particles and between the particles and the wall will produce a very strong electrostatic effect.

When the electrostatic phenomenon is serious, it will affect the safe operation and even cause more serious consequences.

The necessary anti-static measures should be considered. Printer toner manufacturers will adhere to the wall of the accumulator,

and long-term accumulation will inevitably affect the smooth and normal operation, and even lead to narrow or blocked passages. Necessary cleaning measures are required.

Post time: Oct-13-2021